Supervised experience (120 hours) in an approved library or information center under the direction of an SOIS faculty member. In addition, a course research report or project will be required. The library supervisor, the faculty member and the student meet periodically to review the student’s progress.


At the discretion of the organization, a student may be paid for work during the practicum.  However termed by the organization, the paid practicum must be offered on a temporary basis and is incidental to the pursuit of the student’s educational objectives. Existing employment may not be a component of the LIS 799 or IM 799 Practicum. The experience must last at least 120 hours where the site supervisor oversees the student’s paid activities and evaluates such per organizational standards. The faculty member and the student determine the course research report or project to be developed and graded to meet the practicum’s academic coursework.

This course may be applied toward earning any of SOIS's certificates.

Offered in fall, spring and summer. Get started with the practicum application.


10 courses including LIS 701, LIS 703, LIS 704 and LIS 770 or LIS 773 and a GPA of 3.3 or higher

Course Number: 
LIS 799