As SOIS alumni and LIS professionals, we have a passion for lifelong learning, discovery and helping others. We offer many ways for our alumni to stay involved with SOIS.

Recruiting: Our best recruiting tool is you, our alumni.  Share your SOIS experience with co-workers, friends and family. Put prospective students in contact with our admissions coordinator.

Mentoring: Assist students by providing insights into competencies required in various professional areas, assessing current skill sets and suggesting possible projects, activities for enhancement and establishing the beginnings of a professional network.

Be a guest speaker: Interested in teaching adjunct in your area of specialty? Speaking to a class as a guest lecturer? Contact Dean Kate Marek.

Practicum and internship: Practicums and internships provide a vital means for our students to gain relevant professional work experience prior to graduating and entering the workforce. Our career services coordinator can facilitate arranging a practicum or an internship.

Placement: As you seek new staff, think of SOIS first. Contact our career services coordinator when openings arise.

Giving: The Dean’s Endowment Fund campaign is an opportunity to make a GSLIS education more affordable for today’s students. The campaign is focused on increasing the funds available for scholarships to increase access to SOIS. Gifts of any size matter and show your commitment to appreciation of your graduate experience. Donate now.