Dual Degrees

Dual Master's Degree Programs

Two master’s degrees may be required or recommended for work in some specialized libraries or information centers. To help our students meet these specific career goals Dominican University offers a series of combined-degree programs. This approach allows students to complete work on both degrees in less time than it would take to pursue each separately.

Dominican University provides these programs by

  • working in conjunction with another institution or
  • fostering cooperation between two schools within Dominican University.

Dual degree students are simultaneously enrolled in both programs.

  • They must apply to each program separately and be accepted by both.
  • Application for admission to the combined program may be made at any time while they are enrolled in either program. No advance assurance can be given that such admission will be granted.
  • Upon successful completion, they receive two distinct degrees.

Roosevelt MA History and Dominican Certificate in Archives and Cultural Heritage Resources and Services

SOIS has partnered with Roosevelt University in Chicago to offer the opportunity for students in Roosevelt's MA program in history to seek SOIS's Certificate in Archives and Cultural Heritage Resources and Services. The intersection and complementary nature of these two areas of study and professional preparation create a logical disciplinary partnership. History students are frequently attracted to careers such as the curation and management of special historical collections of manuscripts, artifacts, and media. This opportunity provides advanced history students with an additional career avenue. Interested students should contact their academic advisor at Roosevelt, or the SOIS Assistant Dean.