Certificates are offered for students currently pursuing a master's of library and information science degree or returning scholars who want to add the specialization to a completed Dominican MLIS degree or its equivalent from an ALA-accredited graduate library program. Students who graduate with an MLIS lacking one or more courses towards a certificate can enroll in the course(s) any time within five years of graduating in order to add the certificate to the MLIS. Students must enroll as a student-at-large (credit-bearing), not as an auditor (non-credit-bearing).

Students seeking two certificates may use courses that "count" toward more than one to fulfill requirements for both certificates. In other words, if a course is eligible for two certificates the student need only take it once, and may apply its credit toward both. A minimum of 30 credit hours is still required for the MPS degree, toward which two certificates may be applied.

Certificate students work in collaboration with a faculty advisor who specializes in the appropriate field of concentration to shape a plan of study. Five three-semester-hour courses are required (15 semester hours total), except for the certificates in digital curation and digital libraries, which require six three-semester-hour courses (18 semester hours total); unless course(s) are applied toward more than one certificate.

Exception to the guidelines made for:
Data and Knowledge Management Certificate (can be done post-baccalaureate as well as with an MLIS or post-MLIS)
Certificate of Special Study (can only be done post-MLIS)