2017-18 Tuition & Fees

This tuition and fee schedule is in effect as of the summer 2017 semester. Please refer to the Dominican University Office of Student Accounts.


Degree Cost per credit Cost per course (3 credit hours)
Master's per credit $850 $2,550
Doctoral per credit $850 $2,550
Doctoral dissertation per credit $500 $9,000 total for the dissertation year (18 credit hours)

Other Fees*

Clinical Experience I (Student Teaching and Clinical Experience Placement Fee) $1,005 + $330 = $1335
Clinical Experience II (Internship Placement Fee) $330
Student Fee (per class) $23
Degree Fee (filing an 'Application for Graduation') $75
Deferment Fee $90
Matriculation Fee (one time charge) $25
Technology Fee (full time/semester) $100
Technology Fee (part time/semester) $50


Payment of Fees

Bills for tuition are available through myDU.

Please log-into myDU with your ID and PIN, click on the 'Students' tab. There is a hyperlink to 'My Student Accounts' on the left hand pane, then please click on the "Go to CASHNet" hyperlink to view the eBill Portal.

Payment Plans
Payment plans can be arranged on line through CASHNet. All charges must be paid in full before the semester ends. There is a 1% monthly finance charge on any monthly balance that is not on the payment plan.

Students may withdraw from a course up to ten (10) weeks into the semester. A "drop/add/withdrawal" form must be completed and filed with the Office of the Registrar. Giving notice to the instructor or failing to attend classes will not be regarded as an official notice of withdrawal.

When the Office of Student Accounts has received official notice of withdrawal from the Registrar, tuition will be refunded according to the following schedule. Refunds will be dated as of the week in which the Registrar receives written notification of withdrawal.

Student loan recipients should be aware that withdrawing from a course (or courses) may result in a reduction to or elimination of your loan disbursement for that term. Student loan recipients should contact the University Financial Aid Office prior to officially withdrawing from any course.

Refund Schedule for Fall and Spring

Week of Drop/Withdrawal Refund Amount
1st Week - Drop 100%
2nd Week - Drop 80%
3rd Week - Withdrawal 60%
4th Week - Withdrawal 40%
5th Week - Withdrawal 20%
6th Week and after - Withdrawal None

Refund Schedule for Summer

Week of Drop/Withdrawal Refund Amount
1st Week - Drop 100%
2nd Week - Drop 80%
3rd Week - Withdrawal 60%
4th Week and after - Withdrawal None

Intensive Classes
GSLIS offers some courses on an intensive, nontraditional schedule. These class schedules are accelerated and may be structured in several ways:

  • 3 x 3 Classes (15 hours of class time per weekend, meeting over three days three times during the semester)
  • 2 x 3 Classes (15 hours of class time, meet over two days, three times during the semester)
  • Full Day Classes (six hours of class time, meeting seven times during the semester)

Tuition refunds for withdrawal from these weekend or day intensive schedule courses is according to the schedule shown below:

3 x 3 Classes
after first night 20% charge
after first weekend 60% charge
anytime in second weekend 100% charge

2 x 3 Classes
after first class 40% charge
after second class 100% charge

Full Day Classes
after the first class 40% charge

Special fees are not refundable.

Students should notify the Dominican University Office of Student Accounts as to whether any refund should be mailed to their home address, held for call or credited to their accounts; without such notification, refunds will automatically be credited to the student's account.

Financial Regulations
Students may not participate in graduation or receive recommendations, degrees, honors, semester grades or transcripts of credits until all bills are paid and Federal Perkins/National Direct Student Loans are in current status.

Any unpaid bills may be referred to a collection agency. The student is liable for any collection and legal costs. All charges are subject to change after 30 days notice. Registration and enrollment shall be considered as signifying acceptance of all conditions, rules and regulations.