Tuition & Aid

The decision to pursue your advanced degree is a big one. Among the most obvious considerations for you and your family, is the financial investment it will take.

At Dominican, we take great pride in the way we work with each student to help determine the most beneficial path forward in terms of financing their graduate education. Remember, it’s an investment. An investment in your talents, in your goals and in your ability to achieve the greatest professional heights.

The tuition and costs involved are determined largely by the program in which you are enrolled. Other factors, such as whether you’re a resident of Illinois, also play a part in how much it will ultimately cost.

As a graduate student at Dominican, you’ll find a wealth of resources in place to help offset your tuition and costs. From scholarships, to student and parent loans, to campus employment—we will help craft an individualized plan for you to meet these costs and be on your way to a truly life-changing educational experience. In fact, 53 percent of Dominican graduate students receive some form of financial assistance and 21 percent received some form on merit.