Introduction to Fundraising and Financial Management


From assessing, determining, and articulating an institution's particular needs and objectives to identifying and cultivating potential funding sources and stakeholders (corporate, private foundations, grants and individual donors), developing and managing budgets, and assessing and reporting back on specially funded programs and projects, this course will introduce students to fundraising and financial management for libraries, archives and other not-for-profit institutions Students will learn to research and identify funding streams, to build strong relationships with individual donors, strategic partners and corporate donors. In addition to learning about and implementing a variety of fundraising activities, students will develop skills in prospect research, grant writing and project management. Students will become familiar with the challenges, strategies and decision-making process of developing budgets, managing, allocating and tracking funds, and preparing and reading financial statements for not-for-profit institutions.

Offered in fall. Visit "Course Search" on MyDU to view course schedules.


Permission of the instructor.

Course Number: 
LIS 816