75 Notable Alumni

Celebrating 75 Years of Excellence

2005 marked the 75th year of excellence in education for librarians through Dominican University’s library programs. The goal of the degree programs in library and information science at Dominican University is to prepare students for their first and subsequent positions in a wide spectrum of established and emerging library, information, knowledge and media contexts. The objectives of these programs are to develop reflective practitioners capable of:

  • Articulating and applying a philosophy of service that incorporates an awareness of the legacy of libraries and information centers within our culture
  • Promoting the professional values of ethical responsibilities, intellectual freedom and universal access to information
  • Identifying and analyzing information needs and opportunities of individuals and organizations, both within the traditional information service areas and
  • in the broader information sector
  • Developing creative solutions to information problems by integrating relevant models, theories, research and practices
  • Designing, implementing and evaluating systems, technologies, services and products that connect users with information
  • Practicing a variety of management, communication and organizational skills to facilitate appropriate change within learning communities; and
  • Teaching others to identify, analyze, organize and use information.

Anstee, Anna-May MALIS, 1986
Badertscher, David MALS, 1967
Balcom, Ted MALS, 1968
Berkowitz, Bobbie MALIS, 1989
Bishoff, Liz MALS, 1974
Black, Ken MALIS, 1984
Bodi, Sonia MALS, 1976
Bogan, Ruth MALS, 1977
Borel, Ann MLIS, 1999
Brumbaugh, Mollie MALIS, 1986
Burke, Jane MALS, 1970
Byrne, Johanna (deceased) MALIS, 1991
Calabrese-Berry, Alice MALS, 1971
Chindlund, Jan MALIS, 1989
Chou, Nelson MALS, 1963
Coghlan, Colleen MALS, 1964
Corliss, Rebecca MALIS, 1990
Dorsch, Josephine MALS, 1978
Faklis, Ruth Ellen MALS, 1978
Foerster, Patrice MLIS, 2004
Foes, Christine MLIS, 1998
Gaines, Ayanna MLIS, 1999
Garrison, William MALS, 1980
Goetsch, Lori MALIS, 1982
Gordon, Rachel MLIS, 1996
Grabe, Lauralee MALS, 1972
Gulyas, Carol MLIS, 2003
Hahn, Harvey MALS, 1977
Hahn, Joel MLIS, 2005
Hahn, Katharine MLIS, 2003
Hanrath, Linda MALS, 1974
Heller, Dawn MALS, 1966
Hohhof, Bonnie MALS, 1974
Hopkins, Joan MALS, 1973
Jurkowski, Odin MLIS, 1994
Kienitz, La Donna MALS, 1970
Kimmel, Margaret MALS, 1963
Kramer, Pam MALS, 1973
Krepps, Kathleen MLIS, 2001
Krol, Danielle MALS, 1972
Lee, Ann MALS, 1977
Lyons, Karen MLIS, 1997
Mader, Sharon MALS, 1976
Marek, Kate MALS, 1980
McNulty, Judith MALS, 1978
Meehan, Tamiye MALS, 1974
Miller, Karen MLIS, 2003
Miller, Mary Jo MALS, 1976
Ney, Neal MALS, 1975
Paliatka, Jennifer MLIS, 2001
Peters, Michael MLIS, 1997
Phillips, Wendy MALS, 1975
Piccoli, Roberta MALS, 1978
Pinkowski, Patricia MALS, 1979
Postma, Jill MLIS, 1994
Roman, Susan MALS, 1976
Sannwald, Bill MALS, 1967
Sarmiento, Roberto MALIS, 1984
Schefris, Sandra MALIS, 1990
Scherrer, Carol MALIS, 1991
Schoo, Maura MLIS, 1997
Schwitzner, Theodore MLIS, 1995
Shroder, Emelie MALS, 1971
Steffen, Susan MALS, 1976
Stewart, Christopher MLIS, 1995
Stewart, Mary Claire MLIS, 1995
Stoddart, Joan MALS, 1972
Sussman, Diana MLIS, 2001
Swartz, Penny MLIS, 1994
Tucker, Toni MLIS, 2003
Vogel, Betsy MLIS, 1996
Weingand, Darlene MALS, 1973
Whitsitt, Paul MLIS, 2000
Wilson, Phillis MALS, 1967
Zaletel, Joseph MALS, 1976