Current Students

Here is the go-to source for current students about "how to get it done" at SOIS and Dominican University. If you are a newly-accepted and/or newly-registered student, please be sure to also check out the "Accepted Students" page. If you can't find the information you're looking for here, please contact the SOIS Office or your academic advisor and we'll help point you in the right direction. In general the most current sources of information and forms are online. Here is an inventory of what’s found where.

Examples of the kinds of things found on the SOIS website:

•    Programs (degrees, certificates, descriptions, requirements)
•    Admissions
•    Scholarships
•    How to contact faculty and staff
•    Course descriptions
•    Academic policies
•    Career services
•    SOIS news and upcoming events
•    Information about advising and registration

Examples of the kinds of things found on the MyDU intranet:

•   Pay bills (Student Accounts)
•    Register for courses (Registrar)
•    Drop courses (Registrar)
•    View course schedules for current, past, and immediate upcoming semesters (Course Search)
•    Change of advisor form (Schools—SOIS—Forms)
•    Practicum or independent study paperwork (Schools—SOIS—Forms)
•    Signal intent to graduate with a certificate (Schools—SOIS—Forms)
•    Request a transcript (Registrar)

Students are advised that the faculty advisor is the best place to start with questions about course selection, certificates and pathways, e-portfolio development, and options for independent study or a practicum. Many administrative functions are controlled by the university rather than within SOIS, although SOIS office staff can help navigate the central offices if there is a question.

Frequently Asked Questions: “How Can I….”

Apply for departmental scholarships?

Visit the SOIS scholarships page.

Apply for financial aid?

Financial aid is available in the form of loans, as opposed to scholarships, which are gifts and do not need to be paid back. ALL financial aid questions should be directed to the Financial Aid Office, 708-524-6807.

Explore on-campus housing options?

Limited on-campus housing is available for graduate students; it is typically at the Priory. Dominican’s Residence Life Office has an online form to use to apply for housing. Students need to be full-time (9 credit hours) in order to request housing, and students who live on campus are required to buy a meal plan. Questions? Contact Kara Williams, Residence Life Coordinator, 708-524-6038.

Explore off-campus housing options?

The Residence Life Office has some recommended resources; area landlords also have the opportunity to post housing opportunities there.

Pay my bill?

E-bills are published once a month; students should log in to MyDU to view the most recent and/or make payments. When e-bills are published a notification goes to students’ email address. Tuition is generally due at the start of each semester; payment plans are available. Contact Terri Shimkus, Bursar, 708-524-6487.

Chart my course of study?

Contact your advisor! Also, MLIS students may use the optional student planning form with your advisor to help you plan your course of study.

Add a course?

SOIS students may add courses prior to the beginning of the third class session even though the designated add/drop period may extend further. The current add/drop period is noted on the academic calendar maintained by the Office of the Registrar. Adding a course may be done online or in person at that office.

Drop a course?

GSLIS students may drop courses during the designated add/drop period. Dropping a class may be done online or in person at the Office of the Registrar. Please be aware that courses dropped after the first week, while still within the add/drop period, do not carry a full refund. Please visit the Student Accounts page on MyDU to access the refund schedule.

Withdraw from a course?

After the add/drop period ends, a student may withdraw (Grade W) from a course any time up to designated withdraw date noted on the academic calendar maintained by the Office of the Registrar. A request to withdraw from a course or courses must be submitted in writing to the Office of the Registrar either in person, via fax at 708-524-6943 or through the mail. After the withdraw date, a student wishing to withdraw must request permission for an administrative withdrawal from the SOIS director in writing or via email. Administrative withdrawals are only granted in cases of extreme hardship or illness.

Get on/off the waitlist for a course that is full?

Getting on the waitlist is a similar process as registering for a course; new students must do it in person at the Registrar’s Office; returning students may do it online. When a space opens up in a waitlisted course, students on the waitlist are notified, NOT automatically enrolled in it. Students must then actually register for the course. Students wishing to take their names off a waitlist should contact the Registrar’s Office.

Skip a prerequisite?

Students should email the instructor of the course for permission, explaining any circumstances or relevant background the student has that may qualify him/her to skip a prerequisite. Once instructor permission has been received, student should email the SOIS director and request the director contact the Office of the Registrar to allow registration in the course.

Register online?

Current students should be able to register electronically by logging on to MyDU; new students registering for the first time need to visit the Registrar’s Office in person. SOIS utilizes a staggered registration system in order to allow students with the fewest remaining credit hours in the program to have the most flexibility in course selection. The registration schedule is available on MyDU—Resources—Registrar’s Office—Registration—Advance Registration Dates.

Get a refund from a class I’ve dropped or withdrawn from?

Please see the “Drop a class?” and “Withdraw from a class?” entries, above; unless a course is dropped during the first week there will be some tuition charge. The refund schedule is available on MyDU—Student Accounts—Refund Schedule.

Change my advisor?

Students should fill out the change-of-advisor form. A signature from the new advisor is required, but not from the old one. Students may submit the form to the SOIS office and we will process it.

Do a practicum?

Interested students should make an appointment with the CASS licensure officer at least a semester and a half before the desired practicum semester. View the practicum application and guidelines to get an idea of what will be expected. Students may identify their own practicum site, or seek help from advisors or the Career Services Coordinator, for help identifying an appropriate location and/or site supervisor. Once all of the necessary signatures have been obtained, the student may attach the practicum application to a regular Dominican University registration form and take them to the Office of the Registrar to register for LIS 799 Practicum.

Do an independent study?

Students should view the independent study guidelines to get an idea of what will be expected. Students may work with any faculty member to develop a proposal. If the student works with an adjunct faculty member, a member of the full-time faculty must sign the independent study form; the SOIS Dean must sign all independent study forms. Once the Dean’s signature has been obtained, the student may attach the independent study form to a regular Dominican University registration form AND the Dominican University independent study/directed study form and take them to the Office of the Registrar to register for LIS 801 Independent Study.

Transfer credit to SOIS?

All transfers of credit require approval from the SOIS director. Ideally, this is requested at the time of application to SOIS; although in unusual cases credits may be earned at an external ALA-accredited MLIS program and transferred in to an in-progress Dominican MLIS. Students wishing to transfer credit in to SOIS should complete the petition for transfer of graduate credit form and submit it to the director. A maximum of 6 credit hours can be transferred in.

Audit a course?

Auditors are students taking a course for no academic credit. SOIS alumni may audit for 50% tuition charge; fees also apply. Other auditors must hold ALA-accredited MLIS degrees and will pay full tuition and fees. Students wishing to audit should view the audit policy, and seek the instructor's permission by completing a permission to audit form. Once instructor permission has been secured, students may attach the form to a regular Dominican University registration form and take them to the Office of the Registrar to register for the course.

Take a course in another grad school at Dominican University?

With permission of the SOIS director, MLIS students may register as students-at-large in other Dominican University graduate schools and transfer in up to six hours of credit toward the MLIS or MSIM. Students wishing to do this should identify the course, contact the appropriate school to find out how to register as a student-at-large, then contact the SOIS Dean for permission to transfer in the course. Students should discuss this option with their faculty advisors first.

Graduate with a certificate along with my MLIS?

Students wishing to pursue a certificate along with the MLIS should first review the certificate requirements, then discuss this option with their faculty advisors. As graduation dates approach, the SOIS Office sends out reminders to students about applying to graduate (that is, receiving the degree) and participating in the ceremony (two different steps). Along with applying to graduate, students intending to also earn certificates fill out the “Degree-Seeking Student’s Declaration to Pursue a Certificate” form and turn it in to the SOIS Office, which will make sure the Registrar’s Office knows to record the certificate on the student’s transcript. No signature except for the student’s is required. Students do not receive an actual paper certificate along with the diploma; the credential is simply listed on the transcript.

Make sure I’ve achieved the technology competencies?

View the list of recommended resources for additional support; be on the lookout for emailed announcements about tech competency workshops hosted periodically by the Library and Information Science Student Association (LISSA).

Begin my e-portfolio?

Students may begin to discuss the e-portfolio with advisors early in their SOIS careers; also, be on the lookout for emailed announcements about the e-portfolio hosted periodically by faculty members.

See past course syllabi?

Anyone logged in to MyDU can see previous semesters’ course syllabi, although the list is not exhaustive. Log in, and visit MyDU—Schools—SOIS—Syllabi.

See the current course schedule? Upcoming semesters’ schedules?

Visit MyDU—Course Search, then select the appropriate semester, then select “Library and Information Science” in the Department pull-down. Upcoming semesters’ schedules are only posted a few weeks before registration opens.

Find a faculty member’s office hours or contact information?

Visit the SOIS faculty page for faculty contact information; contact individual faculty members for office hours and availability. Generally adjuncts may be reached at email addresses that parallel full-time faculty and staff’s: (“f” = first initial; “last” = last name).

Get off academic probation?

Academic probation is triggered when a student’s cumulative GPA dips below 3.0. It is not triggered by a grade or two below 3.0, as long as the cumulative remains above. A hold is placed on the student’s account so that s/he may not register without speaking with the SOIS director, until the GPA is raised back to or above 3.0. Students are notified in writing when academic probation is put in place. A student on academic probation who has a registration hold should make an appointment to speak with the SOIS director.

Clear another type of registration hold, including a conditional admission hold?

If the hold is a financial one, the student needs to clear it with Student Accounts, not SOIS. If the hold is due to a conditional admission, the student may refer to his/her acceptance letter to see what the condition was (often, submission of a final transcript for a bachelor’s degree that was in progress when the student applied). If the student no longer has the letter or believes the condition has been fulfilled, sh/e may contact the the Manager of Student Services. If the condition has not been filled, the student will need to do so before the hold will be lifted.

Find out what is considered "full-time" versus "part-time?"

The definition of “full-time” may differ depending on the reason for the establishment of a particular status. Federal financial aid guidelines define “full-time” as nine credit hours, and students must be registered for at least half that per semester in order to qualify for federal financial aid (among other requirements). Residence Life guidelines at Dominican also follow the nine-credit-hour definition; students must be registered full-time in order to qualify for on-campus housing. International graduate students must take a minimum of 18 credit hours PER YEAR (not semester); and these may be spread evenly or unevenly across all three semesters in any given academic year.

Apply for an on-campus student position?

Visit the Dominican University Jobs page; student positions are hourly and work schedules are built each semester around a student’s course schedule. Jobs are available in SOIS, in Rebecca Crown Library, and in other university departments, many of which specifically request SOIS students.

Take advantage of tuition waivers for Dominican employees when taking an SOIS course?

Dominican employees interested in taking courses in SOIS should contact Human Resources for information about tuition remission.

Join a student association?

SOIS students are automatically members of the Library and Information Student Association (LISSA); there are no dues. Although LISSA is our student chapter of ALA, students do not need to belong to ALA first in order to belong to LISSA. If students wish to join ALA there is a very affordable student rate. SOIS also has an active student chapter of the Society of American Archivists; interested students should contact Dr. Cecilia Salvatore, SOIS Professor and Coordinator of Archives and Cultural Heritage.

Apply one course to two different certificates?

Students seeking two certificates may use courses that "count" toward more than one to fulfill requirements for both certificates. In other words, if a course is eligible for two certificates the student need only take it once, and may apply its credit toward both. A minimum of 30 credit hours is still required for the MPS degree, toward which two certificates may be applied.

Take advantage of the LTA scholarship tuition discount?

LTA-holding students should verify status with the Coordinator of Graduate Recruiting and Marketing, who will inform the Student Accounts office. The amount is 50% tuition for the first four MLIS courses (three core + one management course).

Take a semester (or more) off?

Students may choose not to register for up to three consecutive semesters without being considered “stopped out;” that is, they do not need to inform SOIS and will be able to register again when ready. After three consecutive semesters of not registering (or registering and then dropping a course, in which case there is no record of the registration), students are considered to have “stopped out” and will need the SOIS director’s permission to register. There is no form to use; the Dean will simply email the registrar and authorize the lifting of the registration hold. Students have a maximum of six years to complete the MLIS degree.

Take an “incomplete” for a course?

Students should request an incomplete from the instructor of the course; it would also be wise to discuss this option with the faculty advisor. An incomplete shows as “I” on the student’s transcript and, by policy, should convert to an “F” if the remaining work is not completed by the end of the subsequent semester.

Join Beta Phi Mu?

SOIS does not have a local chapter of Beta Phi Mu, the international library and information studies honor society; however, our graduates are eligible to join the national organization. Nominees (the top 25% of all graduating classes, based on GPA) will be notified by the SOIS Office around the time of graduation.

Receive information about open jobs, events, etc.?

The SOIS Office sends nearly daily emails to the student body about upcoming events, necessary deadlines, scholarship opportunities, etc. Students should remember to check their email accounts regularly and not disregard these.

Contact the faculty/staff/school/university?

All SOIS faculty and staff are listed, with complete contact information. We are also listed, along with full university staff and faculty (either alphabetically or by department/office), on MyDU—Faculty and Staff Search.

Receive my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed following graduation/commencement by a third party document/mailing service; they are not handed out here nor are stored onsite. The Office of the Registrar handles this process.

Apply to graduate?

There are two layers to graduation (see “Register to participate in a graduation/commencement ceremony,” below); the first of which is applying to receive the degree. At the beginning of each semester the SOIS Office emails the student body with an alert “Is this your last semester?” that includes a link to the online application for graduation, which is posted on the Registrar’s MyDU page.

Register to participate in a graduation ceremony?

There are two layers to graduation (see “Apply to graduate,” above); the second of which is RSVPing to participate/walk in a commencement. Summer and fall graduates may participate in the January commencement; it is possible in the future that the University will hold only one annual commencement, in May. While the question of participation is asked on the online application to graduate, there is a further process that is then triggered regarding the actual ceremony arrangements, as well as celebratory events such as a SOIS brunch or dinner. Graduating students should read carefully all communications from the University and the SOIS Office.

Rent regalia for graduation?

Information about this will be provided to students as part of the “Register to participate in a graduation ceremony” process noted above. Regalia rental for MLIS graduates is not organized by the SOIS Office (although the office will provide necessary information) and is at student expense; doctoral regalia may be borrowed from SOIS.

Buy a parking pass?

Parking passes are available in full-day or evening-only versions. Please visit the Public Safety parking page on MyDU for instructions on purchasing a pass.