Advising & Registration


SOIS faculty members give serious attention to the student advising process. They announce office hours, are available by phone and use email to facilitate guidance to students as they explore a program of study. Students are offered the opportunity to have substantive contact with faculty advisors at appropriate points during their studies. Advisors should be the first point of contact for students for questions about course selection, as well as the process for requesting to skip a prerequisite, registering for an independent study, e-portfolio development, choosing a certificate to pursue along with the MLIS if desired, arranging a practicum, and other academic issues.

Students are assigned an advisor upon admission to the program. Advisors are chosen to match incoming students' interests and goals as described in the admission essay; if an incoming student doesn't note a particular area of focus at the admissions stage, an advisor is selected based on availability. At any time during their studies students have the option of changing their advisors by completing a change-of-advisor form. Students often take advantage of that opportunity as their career plans become more specific.

Advisee Responsibilities

SOIS encourages students to consult with faculty advisors at a point prior to completing their core courses. Faculty members' contact information is available on the SOIS website; office hours vary by semester and are often posted on a faculty member's door. In addition to one-on-one advising sessions faculty may offer group advising sessions to provide information and address general questions for students with a certain career focus.

MLIS students may use the optional student planning form when you meet with your advisor, or at any time during your degree, to help chart out your plan of study. The course rotation guide indicates which courses are typically offered in which semester (fall, spring, or summer) and in which format (in-person, online, or blended).

Additional questions? Please see the FAQ section on the Current Students page.


Incoming SOIS students must register in person for their first semester classes. Once a student is established in the registration system, he or she may register online using the MyDU portal for any course for which he or she has completed the prerequisites. A Dominican student identication number and a PIN are required for online registration. Students registering for a course with a prerequisite waiver may be required to register in-person. MyDU allows students to view specific data that Dominican University maintains pertaining to student records, including a history of the courses taken and grades earned.

It is not a requirement to use online registration. In-person registration is also an option at the registrar’s office. In-person registration is available during day and evening hours; an appointment is not necessary. Please follow this link for the official Dominican University registration form, maintained by the Office of the Registrar.

Adding or Dropping Courses

Add/Drop/Withdrawal forms are available on the Registrar’s section of MyDU.

In addition to the general information found here, details about how to register for particular situations such as requesting permission to skip a prerequisite, registering for an independent study, registering for a practicum, and more, are available in the FAQ section of the Current Students page.

Adding a course:

SOIS students may add courses prior to the beginning of the third class session even though the designated add/drop period may extend further. The current add/drop period is noted on the academic calendar maintained by the Office of the Registrar. Adding a course may be done online or in person at that office.

Dropping a course:

GSLIS students may drop courses during the designated add/drop period. Dropping a class may be done online or in person at the Office of the Registrar. Please be aware that courses dropped after the first week, while still within the add/drop period, do not carry a full refund. Please visit the Student Accounts page on MyDU to access the refund schedule.

Withdrawing from a course:

After the add/drop period ends, a student may withdraw (Grade W) from a course any time up to designated withdraw date noted on the academic calendar maintained by the Office of the Registrar. A request to withdraw from a course or courses must be submitted in writing to the Office of the Registrar either in person, via fax at 708-524-6943 or through the mail. After the withdraw date, a student wishing to withdraw must request permission for an administrative withdrawal from the SOIS director in writing or via email. Administrative withdrawals are only granted in cases of extreme hardship or illness.