Career Pathways

Pathways are courses of study that prepare a student for a particular specialization or area of interest within library and information science. In some cases a certificate may be earned in one or more of these areas, either while pursuing the MLIS or after a degree is earned.

Type of Pathway Faculty Member(s) Identified with this Pathway
Administration and Management

Bill Crowley

Academic Libraries Karen Brown
Mary Pat Fallon
Archives and Cultural Heritage Resources and Services Certificate Cecilia L. Salvatore

Cataloging and Classification

Karen Snow
Digital Libraries Certificate Stacy T. Kowalczyk
 Informatics Certificate Yijun Gao
Sujin Huggins
Public Librarianship Bill Crowley
Reference Services Mary Pat Fallon
School Library Media Specialist (K-12) Don W. Hamerly
Special Librarianship, including Health Sciences and Law Librarianship Kate Marek
Youth Services Certificate Janice Del Negro
Sujin Huggins